Monday, November 10, 2008

Years ago I read a book and I remember a passage about a girl who loved baby dolls so much that she just kept having babies. She really wasn't a "kid" person, so she continued to have babies so that there was always a tiny little baby to cuddle. Even then I was smart enough to realize that I could be that girl if I allowed myself to be (or if I could convince someone to allow me to be). I LOVE babies, seriously love them, I have been called a baby addict. If I could find a job that allowed me to just cuddle babies all day I would be the happiest person in the world. I love the way the smell and the sounds they make, their tiny little fingers and toes. Most people are scared of babies when they are brand new, but not me, I love it when they are fragile and vulnerable. Not to say that I don't enjoy Emma's new developments because I do and I've actually said that each age seems to be my favorite age (ask me about that when she's 2 or 13 though and I may change my mind), but there is just something about a brand new baby.
Today I was lucky enough to visit my friends Julie and Aaron and their beautiful twins Logan and Lily, who are almost 2 weeks old. Holy cow, I was in heaven!! I think that Emma was feeling a little jealous as I cuddled other babies. I could have stayed all day and just loved up on those little ones, luckily they don't live too far as I'll definitely be visiting again soon :)

In honor of cuddly babies, I thought I'd remind myself of what Emma looked like when she was okay with cuddling with me as opposed to trying to pull my hair and eat any part of my body she can get her hands on
mmmm!! Mom started me on red meat today, it's good!
Just kidding! I had beets today and they are good!


Anonymous said...'s what's for dinner.

Tanya said...

Oh hooray! Congratulations to Julie and Aaron. Please send all four of them my love.

Emma's expressions are priceless!