Thursday, January 21, 2010


These are Emma's 2 favorite games right now... we play them all night long :)

Sunday, January 17, 2010


We've been on the go lately. Emma is such a busy little bee. She turned 22 months this week, it's hard to believe that she's going to be 2 in a couple months. She has such a huge personality and gets funnier by the day. She has a ton of new words and even though we can't understand all (most) of what she says, she loves to tell us stories. She's also become really attached to blankets and stuffed animals now... she has to have one with her all the time. She's finally starting to love to read and her imagination is taking off!
She spent last weekend at Grandma and Grandpa's house and loved every second of it :)
I'm pretty sure that I have a senior pic that looks just like this

She found Grandma's slippers

There is always a LOT of dancing at G&G's house

Sometimes even nekkid dancing

Getting bundled up to go outside

They built a snowman!

Yes, she has both a ponytail and a barrette in her hair :)

And her absolute most favorite activity at G&G's house is cooking with Grandpa :)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Support Group

It's becoming apparent to me that the older I get the more important it becomes to do something worthwhile with my life. I'll be 32 tomorrow... yes, a quart... and tonight I feel like I am doing good.
Tonight was the first meeting of our support group Parents of Preemies (PoP). It went much better than I was expecting (I always expect the worst) and I almost burst into tears at numerous occasions because I'm so happy that it's actually happening. I'm so lucky to be working with a great group of parents who are offering their advice and perspective. This project means so much to me and I'm overjoyed at watching it get off the ground.
And now a request :) As part of our project we are giving new parents gift baskets to congratulate them on the birth of their child (which regardless of how scary it is, all children are still a blessing) and we're including a small gift, a journal and information for them. If you have any (new) baby blankets, outfits (preemie) or hats that you'd like to donate, we'd LOVE to take them. We haven't figured out the fundraising portion yet so we're doing this solely based on donations. Also if you knit and are looking for a project, we would love to feature your creations in our baskets.
Thank you all for your support and encouragement as I put myself out there to make this happen!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!

I know this is a bit delayed, but we've been travelling. We had a wonderful Christmas and a very uneventful New Years. I've loved having time off and Emma has loved having both Jamie and I around all the time.
I had a blast looking through 2009's photos... what a year it's been!

In January she was just a little pudge ball

By February she'd learn to stand

In March she turned ONE!!

In April Emma visited the beach for the first time (and hated it)

In May we had basketball fever

In May she was starting to walk and once she started she never stopped!

In July, Jamie and I took a trip to Europe

August brought hot weather and days at the pool

In September we were able to visit with family

October was a time for pumpkins and friends

In November she showed us her moves
And in December we celebrated Christmas

It's hard to believe that we started out the year with a baby that didn't talk, crawl or walk and we ended the year with this grown up girl;