Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The last days of summer...

It's hard to believe that summer has already come and gone. We're trying to enjoy the last days that the pool is open and we're taking advantage of the slightly cooler weather by getting outside more.
Emma went to her first baseball game this weekend, she was very impressed even though the Rox lost. It was her first *outside the house* date with Wills, but the parents came along to chaperone just in case things got out of control ;) One lady told me that Emma was the cutest baby she'd ever seen, even cuter than her grandson... hopefully she also didn't tell her grandson!
She also had her first sleepover... both Ella and Meena came over to spend the night (or part of the night) this weekend, we're looking forward to more of those in the future :)

Go Rockies!

Andy, Mary, Wills, Emma, Me and Jamie

Ella was very helpful with Emma :)

Emma's new trick!! She now grabs BOTH the parrot and the giraffe at the same time!! Way to go girl!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A day in the life...

I thought I would share what my typical day looks like...

I have an early morning snuggle with Daddy's blankie (really, this is Jamie's blankie from when he was little. rumor has it that it used to be pink, it's not pink any more)

I spend some time on my playmat

I really likes my parrot these days

I kick in my bouncy chair

I swing on the front porch

I do some tummy time, it's very important to strengthen my back muscles

We (mommy) do laundry

I flirt with Wills. He is so handsome. He was baptised this weekend... nice work Wills

I get a diaper change

I chill out with my mobile

I'm showing off, what a big girl I am, sitting up like this

I take a nap and wake up smiling

Daddy comes home and then things get crazy

He likes to pose me in funny ways

Mommy feeds me... yum!

I hang out in my swing while Mom and Dad eat dinner

We take a walk and Daddy pushes me

Daddy gives me a bath

And it's off to bed! See you tomorrow :)

My Occupational Therapist came last week and is very impressed with how well I am doing. I'm at the top of the charts (developmentally) for my adjusted age (2.5 months) and even on the charts for my actual age (5 months)... it's because Mommy is constantly making me learn new things. I was 9lbs 13oz at the doctor last week so I would guess that I'm 10lbs by now!!

Mommy has been doing some work in my room...

She put in a pretty red shade

and a fun photo board over my changing table (she made it!!), I really like to look up at it and I can't wait until there are more faces for me to stare at :)

Monday, August 11, 2008

We're back!!

We survived our trip to Minnesota! We had an amazing time... Emma was great on the plane (even with a 3 hour delay on the way home that got us home way after her bedtime) and it was so wonderful for Emma to finally meet my family. Needless to say that she came bad a tad bit spoiled, but I'm trying to wean her off of that a little ;) My parents loved to be able to spend so much time with her and truth be told it was really nice to have some extra hands.

Emma and I took our first bath together, it was so much fun and I'm not sure why we didn't try it sooner!

Tummy time with her sheep

Getting ready to fly

There was a lot of this going on in Minnesota

Every time Emma woke up there was a new face to look at

I think she's starting to wonder where everyone went now that we're home

ACK! Turns out Jamie and I are guilty of it too ;)

My Auntie Sara getting some Emma snuggles

And my Gram getting her turn ;)

Emma fell in love with this ladybug while we were there, she misses her.

My cousin Sarah, the amazing designer ;)

My Aunt Susan, though right now Emma seems more concerned with that cake

Emma's new trick... sucking her thumb!

My cousins Chloe and Kelly fawning over Emma

Cousin Jalen and Emma

My Auntie Kate and Emma

Cousin Laura and Emma

My Gramps giving his great-granddaughter a bottle. Emma was so enthralled with him, she loved to look at his handsome face.

She also loved to hold his hand

This is my Gramps and one of his classmates (class of '34). How cute are they?

4 generations of Jacksons

My Gramps even played some baseball with us at the reunion (you'll notice that Jamie seemed to catch the perfect moment, you'd think he was a professional or something)

Emma was a little tired from all the socializing :)

The reunion softball teams

4 generations of (gorgeous) Evans ladies

When we got home, Emma and Wills got geared up for the Olympics. They are still deciding which sport they are going to participate in 20 years from now... I'm thinking ice skating since Wills will be able to easily throw Emma in the air, but I'm not sure what Wills' daddy thinks of that idea.

Emma's other new trick, drooling. She is such a slobber monster these days!