Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The last days of summer...

It's hard to believe that summer has already come and gone. We're trying to enjoy the last days that the pool is open and we're taking advantage of the slightly cooler weather by getting outside more.
Emma went to her first baseball game this weekend, she was very impressed even though the Rox lost. It was her first *outside the house* date with Wills, but the parents came along to chaperone just in case things got out of control ;) One lady told me that Emma was the cutest baby she'd ever seen, even cuter than her grandson... hopefully she also didn't tell her grandson!
She also had her first sleepover... both Ella and Meena came over to spend the night (or part of the night) this weekend, we're looking forward to more of those in the future :)

Go Rockies!

Andy, Mary, Wills, Emma, Me and Jamie

Ella was very helpful with Emma :)

Emma's new trick!! She now grabs BOTH the parrot and the giraffe at the same time!! Way to go girl!!


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Tanya said...

I love her smile...SO MUCH! It makes me happy happy happy.

The Yancey Family said...

Glad you enjoyed your first game! Getting so big!