Sunday, November 30, 2008

That's all she wrote

November is over. A lot of you have written to say that you enjoyed the daily blogs and pictures, and I'm glad, however I will NOT miss having to come up with something everyday. I am a engineer, not a writer and trying to be creative is very, very hard for me.
So in honor of the last day of November, here is a cute pic of Jamie and Emma. They went to watch football with the boys and Mama got some alone time... woo hoo!!

photo courtesy of Trevor Brown


Mama said...

I love reading your updates! I'm bad with keeping up on my blog though, but I've been inspired by you and am going to try to update much more often :)
I can't believe how big Emma is getting - what an adorable and sweet girl you have!
(btw, the photo credit - Trevor Brown - is he a photographer? I think it's guy I went to high school with, lol)

ivory and jamie said...

Mama, he is. He works with Jamie. Did you go to Kent Denver?