Sunday, November 23, 2008

Happiest Baby on the Block

Emma really is such a happy baby. Her face lights up whenever she sees me (or someone else she loves, I won't pretend it's just me). Waking her up in the morning is the highlight of my day because she is so happy to see me and once I pick her up she bounces up and down in my arms with excitement. She loves attention and is a social butterfly. One of her favorite things to do is bask in the compliments that other people are giving her (seriously, you should see how happy she gets when people tell her she's cute). She is going through a bit of a *mommy* phase and doesn't really like me to leave her sight, but it's manageable so far. She gets so excited whenever she sees food coming, either the bowl or the boob (she also gets super excited when she sees me pull out my hooter hider because then she knows the boob is coming). She's learned how to feed herself cheerios and she thinks she's pretty cool when she succeeds :) She is in such a fun stage and I'm trying to enjoy every minute of it.
She loves to blow raspberries and squeal at you (it's kind of a pterodactyl noise), she's decided that both of those are much more fun than the babbling that she used to do. She's sitting up like a champ and rolls both ways. She still doesn't get the concept of crawling, her favorite thing to do on her belly is pick her arms and legs up like she's swimming. She does scoot on her back though, and I have to be careful to watch her because if I turn my back she's gone! We're working on clapping (really she just likes to hold my hand while I do it) and yesterday she waved for the first time!!! A lady came up to her stroller and waved hi and Emma picked up her little hand and waved her fingers back at her, it was so cute! She's figured out how to play peek-a-bo0... she puts something over her head and then lays still until someone notices and says "Where did Emma go?" and then she pulls it down and you're supposed to yell "peek-a-boo!!", she thinks it's quite fun! She loves to eat (so why she's having a weight problem I'm not sure), right now she's getting cereal and either avocado, sweet potatoes or banana as we try to pack the weight on, but she's also had pears, applesauce, potatoes, peas, carrots, beets and squash.
We are truly blessed to have such an amazing daughter. I love her so much and can't get enough of her kisses and cuddles!
Here are a few of her excited faces;


Jeff and Kerry said...

Hehehe, "hooter hider". Yes, I'm 10 again. I loved your post today, it made me smile. Thanks!

The Yancey Family said...

I love visiting with Emma because her eyes are just so happy! She has a good life, who could complain? She's just happy that Mommy is with her all day and she has such a handsome Daddy. Actually, I think she might be happy if her Grandpa were with her all day, giving her the business.

Michelle said...

Do do do-do do do do-do-do do (just think circus music). Oh how I love-hate our command center. Love it for the happiness it brings, hate it for the circus music. That is what we call it because we have always felt that our kids "command" the world from that thing. Anyways, thanks for the comment Ivory. I don't have your email otherwise I would have contacted your directly. Please send yours so I can give you access. Also, I have a picture to send you.
I know I love checking in on your little Emma and your parenting adventures. I think it helps knowing we all have a rollercoaster going on. :)