Saturday, November 22, 2008

Feeling a little old

So I had just shut off my computer and walked upstairs to go to bed when I remembered that I needed to blog today, whoops! And yes, I really was planning to go to bed at 9pm on a Saturday night. Tanya and I were up WAY too late last night reliving our days as On Second Thought groupies. According to something I found online, the band broke up in 2002, which means that it's been 6 years since they've played a real show together (I'm pretty sure our birthday party and T's wedding doesn't count), way too long. Tanya and I used to spend almost every weekend with these guys and it was honestly one of the most fun periods of time in my life. Remember the movie Almost Famous? It was just like that, except we never really left the front range and there were no crazy group orgies. (Did I seriously just use that word on my family friendly blog? wow)
We had a great time last night, and it definitely brought back a lot of memories. However, they didn't go on until TWELVE THIRTY PM. Yes, after midnight. Holy cow, I was so freaking tired today. When the show was over we said our goodbyes and high tailed it out of there... much different than the days when we were the last people in the bar and then we'd often go out after the bar was closed. Not so easy when you have a kid to take care of. It was a great night though, and I'm glad that we were able to experience it one more time :)
Tomorrow I will have pictures of Emma (since I know that is why you all come here), but for now I'm off to bed :)

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Tanya said...

It was a great time hanging out with you Friday night!