Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I have 38 minutes to come up with a clever post for the day and I have nothing! I forgot my camera today so I don't have any cute pictures of Emma and really none on my computer that you haven't already seen :(
I need to go to bed because chances are the girl will be up in less than 4 hours ready to eat. It's great that she's able to go 9+ hours at night without eating. It's not so great that she goes to bed before 7pm most of the time. Gawd I wish I could get her on *my* schedule, but as a mom you quickly learn that isn't possible. I've tried countless times to push her bedtime back until 8pm and every time results in her waking a ton during the night and basically punishing me for trying to change her ways :) So for now I guess I'll just put her down early and learn to enjoy my free time in the evenings and maybe start going to bed at 9pm so I can have longer stretches of sleep.
Someday I will be the boss! LOL!

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Ondrea said...

I'm still waiting for that day when I get to be the boss!

E used to have a 6:30 bedtime at Emma's age - and same with you - any attempts to push it back resulted in chaos!