Saturday, March 8, 2008

Sunshine and Sushi

Today was a good day :) I got to spend about an hour outside with my mom, sitting in the sun (I'm actually a little pink) and I had sushi delivered for dinner tonight... is my new BFF. And yes, when my nurse walked in he did ask "you're not eating sushi are you?". You better believe I am, but don't worry, it's all cooked ;) Like I said, it's been a good day :)

I've made pretty good progress this week, my clots seem to be getting smaller and the baby continues to grow on track!

My father-in-law, Ed, is in town this week to help with the packing. Between him, my parents and Jamie I think that everything should be finished by Monday! How crazy is it that I'm never going to be in that house again?

Ed also was the bearer of some lovely presents from the Schwaberow side of the family. Lynne was generous enough to get us a breast pump (gotta love the lactation consultant supporting breast feeding!) and here is a picture of some other things that were sent too. I love everything!!


Ondrea said...

that is so crazy to think that when you walked out of your house to go to the hosp. would be the last time you were there... wow! still - great news that it's sold!! YAY for sun! :)

Ania said...

Yay for sunshine and sushi - sounds like a great weekend! Hopefully the packing went smoothly!

Laura Saba said...

Congrats on getting to see some different landscape.