Friday, March 21, 2008

1 week old!!

I can't believe it's already been a week! Wow!! Emma is doing great... she started eating again yesterday and is doing fantastic! It's a very small amount, but they increase it every other feeling and hopefully by this time next week she'll be exclusively on breast milk! She got her belly button IV out today, but unfortunately she had another one put in her had. Mommy does NOT like seeing that, but it comes out as soon as she doesn't need fluids anymore (which happens when she's exclusively on breast milk). It still blows my mind how tiny she is, but she's such a fighter! Jamie and I are SO in love, it's amazing! I could just stare at her all day long. She makes the cutest little noises and when she's holding on to your finger she just squeezes and squeezes... it's so cute! Her weight is climbing back up. She was 2lbs 12oz at birth and had gotten down to 2lbs 6oz earlier this week, but now she's back up to 2lbs 10oz. We love to see her packing on the pounds! Her bilirubin # continues to go down (they'll check it again tomorrow morning) and we're hoping she'll be out under the lights by next week!
Today we had a couple visitors; my friends April and Miriam, both of whom are the moms (or in April's case soon to be mom) of what are sure to become Emma's best friends. Uncle Paul and Auntie Sam are flying in this weekend for a visit too, and Emma is so excited to meet them!

Emma's diaper

Hi there sweet pea :)

Daddy and Emma taking a nap

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Ondrea said...

Aw - what a sweetie - and so cute! My mom thinks so too! I'll get in touch to come by next week to see you guys! Maybe Tues?