Friday, March 28, 2008

2 weeks old!!

I can't believe it's already been 2 weeks, time is flying! Emma had a good week. The bili lights are still off, though I have a feeling they'll go back on tomorrow when they test her bili again. She's been doing better with spitting up, they decreased the amount that they are feeding her from 26ml to 23ml and that seems to be helping... it also helps when mommy or daddy hold her but we're not allowed to do that for every feeding :( She's still off oxygen and seems to be doing well. Last night she hit 1300g, which is about 2lbs 13.9oz. When she hits 1400g she gets to come out of the isolette. She gains about 15g a day, so maybe in a week or so??

This outfit is way too big on me!

Daddy thinks it's funny that I pick my nose ;)

This is what my area of the NICU looks like

The other day I came in and Emma was wide awake and a little upset that she was "tied" down.

So she kicked and kicked...

and fell asleep with her leg up in the air like this. Too cute!


ania said...

Congratulatios on the weight gain Emma! I hope the bili lights stay off!

Steph and Tim said...

I love that she fell asleep with her legs up! I'm so proud of her weight gain and I hope the bili lights can stay off for good! Keep on fighting emma!