Thursday, April 24, 2008

We're making progress...

on both the house front and the Emma front :)
First off... guess who has a new bed??? Emma!! Our hefty (4lbs 12oz) little girl is now in an open crib :) She looks like such a *normal* baby in it, I love it, and the best part is you can just pick her up and cuddle her whenever you want :) We also had our car seat installed today, which means we're one step closer to bringing her home!!
We also stopped by the house today and were super surprised to see how much is done. All the tile is in, though it hasn't been grouted, and the walls and trim is painted! They've moved our closing up 9 days, which is still 2 months from now, so I'm working on having them move it up even more... we'll see what happens :)
Enjoying some snuggle time with Grandpa
and Grandma
dinner time!
and a nice after dinner nap :)
her big girl crib!
it's ready and waiting for her (and don't worry, I'll clean all the crap out of the car before then)

our street, looking south, that is Stapleton's Central Park

our house!

second bathroom upstairs

master bath

shower and tub

the banister

a closeup (I love the dark stain!)


a closeup

our backyard (which is actually pretty big by Stapleton standards)


The Maiden Metallurgist said...

Progress! Progress! Progress! I'm so happy for you guys, best wishes.

Tanya said...

Ditto what Drea said! That is such good news that Emma moved into the big girl bed. :) Getting closer to coming home every day. Best wishes indeed!

ania said...

I love the picture of E taking a nap - she looks so beautiful!!

Yay for progress on the house!! I love your choices.

Ondrea said...

The house looks gorgeous!!! and looks like you're so close to being done! yay! and that Miss Emma - such a big girl, you should be proud.

eric & sarah said...

wow - she is almost 5 lbs!! That is normal baby size!! So exciting! And you house (and street) look awesome! Let's hope you can get in there soon!!

Brooke & Brian said...

Emma looks so good! She is just moving right along! and the house looks fabulous Ivory!!

Cathy said...

Yeah progress! Can't wait for you to fill that carseat up! Love the house!