Sunday, April 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Emma!

I can NOT believe it's been a month already, time is really flying (she's both 1 month old and 34 weeks on Monday)! Emma is up to 3lbs 15oz and 16.5" (her head has grown a couple inches as well). She is so close to the 4lb mark, which makes her "eligible" to move into an open crib (which is kind of sad because we just received the most beautiful blanket to cover her isolette and we'll be sad that we can't show it off every day... if you're looking for a baby gift I highly recommend my friend Laura and her handmade goods http:// She's taking 2 bottles a day (out of her 8 feedings) and I would guess she'll move to 3 in the morning. The doctors have even suggested I call and make an appt to get the car seat installed and I also finally found us a pediatrician because everyone thinks she could come home in "a week or two" (hopefully I didn't just jinx us). AAHHHH!!! I know this is what we've been working towards, but now that it's actually here it's a little scary. Basically she needs to keep breathing and work on her eating skills and she'll be home :)

Emma's new blanket!

Daddy giving Emma a bottle

She fell asleep like this today, I thought it was adorable :)

The first clothing item that Emma has outgrown ;)

Not really the best picture of me, but I'm guessing no one will even notice I'm in the picture

Jamie and his girl :)

Once again I got a great picture of Emma smiling :)

Grandma and Grandpa fawning over their little peanut :)

In non-Emma related news (yes, occasionally it does happen), we went to see the new house this weekend and we were very happy to see that the cabinets are in and all the doors and trim is done (though still needs to be painted). Of course then we got to wondering why they still think we can't close until the end of June, but we're working on that :)
Our kitchen, look at all the cabinet space!

Jamie showing off our office door

Our fireplace


Anonymous said...

congratulations!!! fantastic news! and love the new house.

ania said...

Happy Birthday Emma!! Your blanket is so cute!!

Yay for the house progress - I'm crossing my fingers that you will be able to move in ASAP!

Ondrea said...

GREAT progress!! With Miss Emma and the house - soon she'll have her own room all to herself - aw!

Tanya said...

Happy Birthday Emma! She's such a little overachiever should start saving for her college now since she'll probably go to Harvard or Yale or somewhere equally awesome. Actually, she'll probably get a full-ride so nevermind! :)

That's exciting about the house...I hope that things move quicker than scheduled on that front.

That is a beautiful blanket! I'll bookmark that etsy store for the next baby gift I need to buy.

Steph and Tim said...

Happy Birthday Miss Emma!!! She is doing so wonderful! And my goodness she is sooo cute!

I love the updates on the house too :) Glad things seem to be coming along and I will keep my fingers crossed that you can close sooner than expected!