Thursday, April 10, 2008

Daddy's Home!!!

Jamie finally made it home from the Final Four and boy was he surprised to see how much his girl had grown! She's up to 3lbs 9oz and still gaining rapidly. Emma's other exciting news is that she now TAKES A BOTTLE!!!!! The nurses decided to try it on Monday and not only did it work, she took the whole darn thing! She took part of one from me on Tuesday and another whole one yesterday!! Woo hoo!!! One step closer to coming home ;)
We also were able to give her her first real bath last night, it was so fun!! She loved having her hair washed and it was so cute to see her without all her wires and stuff! It's definitely not easy bathing a 3lb peanut, but we made it work.

Hand and foot prints (yes, it would have been good to put something on the paper with them so you knew the scale, next time) :)

Grandpa holding his buddy for the first time

I'm kind of embarassed to admit it, but I love this little bow in her hair :)

Getting ready for her bath!

Daddy is doing a great job of washing her hair :)

Oh, that feels so nice!

Daddy, take off this funny hat!!

All clean!!

Look how cute I am!


Anonymous said...

yay--great to hear all the fantastic news! she's so so so cute!!! and tiny!!!! i love the bow, too!

Ondrea said...

omg! that is so fabulous!! and you're right her hands and feet look big :) a bath AND a bottle? any day now honey - any day she'll be home!

ania said...

E is doing so good! What a cutie she is! I can't wait to meet her next week :)

samantha said...

I am so proud of little Emma - she is doing such a great job at this whole life thing. I can't wait to give her a big kiss and tell her how proud I am of her. XOXOXOXO

Tanya said...

hooray!!! So great!

Molly & Patrick said...

What an awesome homecoming for Jamie!
I personally like her funny hat and wonder where I can find one for myself...

Cathy said...

Yeah Emma! She's just bound and determined to get home early, isn't she? Glad she's doing so well!