Monday, April 28, 2008

36 weeks!

It still blows my mind that if I were still pregnant I would have a month left before she was due. We really are lucky that we've been able to know her and love her for 6 weeks already.
We had a busy weekend... we're trying to have some grownup fun before she comes home so Friday night we had dinner with our friends Matt and Janet and Saturday we had dinner at The 9th Door, then we headed to Elway's and partied with the Lakers (and by partied I mean that we watched them eat ;))
Saturday was also the March for Babies walk, thank you SO much to everyone who came out and for those of you who donated money in Emma's name... we really appreciate it!

Emma continues to get bigger, she's now up to 4lbs 14.6oz. She's still working on the bottle, but she's getting much more coordinated and today was her first very successful attempt at breast feeding (for more than a minute or two)!!

picture on left was taken 4/27, picture on right 3/30

oh, look at how fat I am!!!

Uncle Paul will be so proud, I've already mastered my golf grip!

Since I tend to look like crap when we're at the hosptial, I thought I'd include a semi-decent picture of myself :)

Reading Emma her new book; Emma's Turtle

When I see this picture I start singing Stop in the Name of Love

holding her daddy's hand (which is badly in need of a manicure)

I know this picture is blurry, but she was actually sucking her thumb!

Team Emma!

Marching for Babies

Yep, we really do just stare at her

How many people does it take to change the baby?

Okay, I need some decorating help now. A couple months ago my mom bought me what I thought was the perfect bedding. It's cream with brown, yellow, blue, red and green dots and I was planning on painting the walls of the nursery a light yellow and doing primary color acccents.

Then I went to BRU and found this:

Which I think it maybe the cutest bedding I've ever seen in my life. If I kept it I would paint the walls a light green and do black and white art.

So now my decision is: do I do a fun, primary color nursery like I'd originally planned or a more contemporary, girly nursery? I think the original bedding would go better with the crib (which is a dark brown), but I just love the 2nd bedding so much.
What do you think???


The Maiden Metallurgist said...

I can't believe she's over 4 lbs! That is so amazing.

Since you asked, I like the primary bedding.

And even thought you didn't ask, you look A-MA-ZING! Hot stuff.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how much she has grown!

Tanya said...

You do look great! Drea always beats me to posting here and I usually have the same sentiments as she does to share. :)

Over 4 lbs...hooray!! Coming home is so soon I bet.

The Yancey Family said...

I like the girl stuff! It's always hard b/c you think, "I wont do all that girly girl stuff" and then you do. It's programmed in us! Save theprimary stuff for when Jackson arrives. 9 more months?

PJ said...

Emma's left hand grip looks a little weak. Let's get the thumb in a little better position so she'll have a more leverage with the golf club.

It's a good start though!

samantha said...

If you want my opinion on the bedding-I would go with the primary bedding. You said it yourself that the primary bedding goes best with the bed you already have. Plus, I think it is the cutest bedding ever. Plus, yellow on the walls is a beautiful and perfict bright and cheerful.

samantha said...

and when I said beautiful and perfict I meant beautiful and perfect. xoxo

Steph and Tim said...

I can't believe she's almost FIVE pounds!!! That is so awesome! YAY EMMA!!!!

You look fabulous, as everyone has said. Motherhood suits you perfectly. You just are beaming all the time :)

As far as the bedding, I do love the new one you picked out (and it matches your fab diaper bag), but I am with some of the previous posters - the primary bedding goes better with your crib and it was part of the nursery you envisioned during your entire pregnancy. I do think yellow walls would be so bright and cheery for little Emma and I think you could definitely "girl-it-up" with lots of fun ribbon tied cutains, pillows and other accessories. I think brightly colored flower prints in frames would look awesome too.

But ultimately, go with what you love :) You know best!

Anonymous said...

OMG, she's getting so big - it's amazing to see the side-by-side comparisons of a month ago and today. Wow.

As far as the bedding goes, I think you need to trust your gut here and go with the new bedding you found. It's absolutely fitting for a little princess like Emma. =)


ania said...

Both beddings are cute!! I can't decide!!! But I saw go with your original dotted one - it is very cute and will be easy to coordinate with and you won't be so limited.

Emma is so adorable!! And her mom is looking pretty fabulous too ;)

Molly & Patrick said...

WOW! She's getting soooo big and so beautiful! You are such a lucky girl - both of you!
And I say go with the BRU bedding. I mean, you have a girl, you still have a blank nursery to start wtih - go for it!

Matthew & April said...

She gets more beautiful each day! You look great too :)! I LOVE the new bedding option, but I would go with whatever goes best with her crib!