Sunday, May 18, 2008

T minus 1 weeks

It's hard to believe that I would still have a week to go if I were pregnant :) Emma had a great weekend, she went to her first bachelorette party and had brunch with some friends. She really is a social butterfly. The house is coming along. It's actually finished and they are working on the *punch list*, we're really hoping to close at the beginning of June, but no word yet.

Emma and Tanya

The finished product

Emma is ready to move in

My kitchen!!

My favorite part of the kitchen... double ovens!!

Enjoying some time on our tummy

Cuddling with daddy :)

The 3 Amigos; Will, Emma and Meena


5/18, getting ready to grow out of this onesie!!


The Yancey Family said...

Wow, is she growing! She's double her size! The house looks great. We can't wait to see you soon!

Tanya said...

It was so great to see both you this weekend! What a fun surprise at dinner. :) You both look fantastic!

Sarah G said...

what? she is almost ready for newborn clothes?? crazy! It was fun to "party" with her at the bachelorette party!

The Maiden Metallurgist said...

She is cute as a button! I'm so sorry I missed you gals this weekend.

dpdixon said...

Wow, it's amazing to think that I could STILL be monitoring you every night in rm 371!!!

Stacie said...

Emma looks so wonderful!!! She's really growing like the perfect healthy little girl she is...I adore her pictures! Congratulations on getting closer with the house ~ before you know it you'll be in there (and enjoying your double ovens, LOL).

Anonymous said...

Ivory, Jamie and Emma, Oh my goodness! Suzie didn't tell me Emma came home and I was crazy disorganized busy before we left on our trip. I'm so glad everything is going so well - how amazing to see her new photos. We are so happy for you.

Hugs, Cherine and Howard