Saturday, May 31, 2008

Happy June!

I can't believe it's June... school is out and the pool is open, where did spring go?

I officially resigned this week. I had been hoping that my company would allow me to work part-time from home since I can't take Emma to daycare and there is a good possibility that we'll be *quarantined* in our house this winter, but they wouldn't so I had to quit. Emma and I are super excited about this new adventure, Jamie is a tad scared ;) The walk-through went great this week and we're set to close on Friday! We are so, so excited to finally have a house again (you'll notice that many of the pictures this week were taken in bed, that's because it's basically our only option for space in our unit right now). Jamie's parents are coming on Saturday to help us get settled and paint and most importantly meet Emma. She's very excited to meet her Nonni and Papaw.

Emma is up to 6lbs 14oz this week... almost 7 lbs!! What a big girl :)

Drea and Emma

Snuggle time

sleep deprivation + camera = goofy pictures

What happens when Daddy dresses Emma. He LOVES these pants and will put them with whatever, even if she already has pants on.

perfect little foot

size comparison

chunky little thighs


Emma's favorite spot to sleep, sometimes I worry about the smell, but it hasn't bothered her yet ;)


The Maiden Metallurgist said...

I love those pants!

ania said...

What a cutie Emma is! I love her chunky little thighs!

That picture of you and Jamie is greeat :)

Congratulations on quitting your job and the new house! I know you guys are so excited to finally move in.

Ondrea said...

yay! for quitting - for getting to SAH - for a closing date - and for help painting!!
She is so perfect Ivory - and I cannot believe how big she's getting :)

such a sweet and cute picture of you and J - I love it.