Monday, May 5, 2008

2 nights down...

and a million more to go :)
We survived our first weekend. It's so amazing having Emma home finally! She's adjusting pretty well, though her stomach isn't liking the new formula they are fortifying my breast milk with (to add calories), but hopefully she'll either get used to it or we'll switch. We're figuring out her schedule and although the nights are hard, we're so grateful to have her home that we don't even care (or I don't care anyway, I think Jamie might care).
one last burp at the hospital

ready to go! look how tiny I look!

The final hour

no one has stopped us yet!!

Emma's first breath of fresh air

in the car, ready to leave

at home in my new bed

snug as a bug in a rug

visiting our friend Miriam, Emma obviously is quite smitten with her. Emma's BFF Meena was sleeping so that meeting will have to wait until later

bath time!
all clean

our *new* pad... we're only a little disorganized :) w


Tanya said...

You look great! And so happy in the pictures when you're leaving the hospital. She's so cute. I'm excited to see you both again sometime. Congratulations again on having her home!

ania said...

Great pictures!! Congratulations. I hope the formula issue gets resolved soon.

The Maiden Metallurgist said...

What a huge relief to have her home. Now you just have to get through the next 18 years...

The Yancey Family said...

Woah, I don't check the blog for a few days and she busts out of the NICU?!?! Just crazy! Hooray for having your little muffin home to cuddle all you want. Does she really ever get put down? I was looking at the photo on the clock of her last hour. It's crazy you took the picture at 3:14pm. Wasn't she born on Pi day too? And btw, I went into labor at 3:14am when Ella was born!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on this great news. Welcome home Emma!! -Kathryn

Molly & Patrick said...

Welcome home Emma!!!!!!
I love the pics of her in her car seat - she has a lot of growing to do it fill that big ole' seat -but she'll get there in no time!