Friday, January 4, 2008

Thank you Paul!!!

Today I am wearing maternity jeans for the first time and not only are they comfortable, but I feel SO cute in them!!! HUGE thanks to my brother for purchasing such a wonderful gift (and having great taste to boot)!! I plan on wearing these every day for the next 5 months ;)

So, I'm back at work... oh yay. While I am glad to be out of bed, I would rather not be here... oh well :)

Not much else going on... I turn 30 this weekend, so now I'm old and can't drink... should be a blast ;)

Here is the latest belly picture for those of you that have been asking (19 weeks), the good news is that I'm almost halfway done with being pregnant... woo hoo!!! I sound like a giant whiny baby don't I? Sorry, I haven't been sleeping well and I feel kind of blah these days :(


Tanya said...

You look great!

The Maiden Metallurgist said...

You look beautiful! How come they don't make cute jeans with an elastic waist band for those of us who aren't knocked up? Not fair!

ivory and jamie said...

No one has to know that you're wearing maternity jeans under your long shirt... I know you want to borrow them ;)