Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!

I'm 30. 30 is OLD. I'm kind of surprised that I can still get out of bed in the morning ;)
Actually we had a really nice weekend. We met my parents and Cousin Kelly and Uncle Ted in Boulder for dinner on Friday. We went to Aji on Pearl and it was REALLY good. Everyone loved their meal and they actually had a virgin mojito that was pretty tastey!
Saturday Suzie and I went wedding dress shopping... I could do that every day of my life... wedding dresses are the most beautiful things in the world. Then Jamie and I went to Babies R Us... he claimed he wanted to take part in registering... I'm pretty sure he doesn't care if I do it without him anymore :) Then we headed to our friends Adam and Molly's house and Molly and I hung out with their daughter Ava who is just the cutest, roundest little girl, and the boys cooked for us! We had steamed artichokes, beet salad, french onion soup and crab cakes... delish!! We then had an exciting night of guitar hero, which I SUCK at!
Sunday we met my family for brunch at Wash Park Grille... if you want to eat, their brunch is awesome! They have a huge selection of food, and it's all really good!! We're also celebrating this Saturday with Suzie and Mike at Fruition, I'm so excited to finally eat there!!!

The best part of my birthday... Jamie surprised me with the diaper bag I've been drooling over. Yes, I know, a diaper bag... what kind of old lady have I turned into??? Well feast on this...

It doesn't even look like a diaper bag, does it?? Isn't it gorgeous??? I am so in love :)


The Maiden Metallurgist said...

You old fart! Happy Birthday!

Fruition is awesome, I went there for my birthday in March and I love love loved it.

I am counting the minutes until dinner on Thursday, I can't wait to see you guys, I've been moping around like a sad country song for like a week, I'm ready to shake it off.

Steph and Tim said...

Ooooh, it IS beautifully delicious! I may need to have another baby so I can justify getting one of those :)


Lots of Love,
Your much younger girlfriend

Ania said...

Happy Birthday!!

That bag is beautiful!! Kind of makes me want to have a baby ;-)

Anonymous said...

so the hip momma! happy happy birthday you old bag, i mean i like your new bag. keep on celebrating and enjoy all that yummy food! miss you.

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday!!! And thank you for finally showing me one perk of getting knocked up! I'm looking forward to tomorrow!!

Laura S said...

Happy Birthday, Ivory! Sorry I am missing out on dinner and can't tell you in person. Super cute bag, by the way.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!! That bag is beautiful! Do they make it in non diaper bag? I think I'll take one is a little clutch or something. :)

Looking forward to seeing you and the ladies tonight!