Monday, January 28, 2008

Great Weekend!!!

This weekend marked Tanya and I's 7th annual Birthday Party Extravaganza... and it was our 30th birthdays to boot! We had a great time this year and we appreciate everyone who came out to party with us. And a huge thanks to Drea for finding us a location and planning the party for us :) It was a little weird being sober, that is generally not the case ;)
Here are a couple photos, Drea has more on her blog if you are interested

Drea and Jamie having a photo war

All the pregnant bellies: Miriam, Mary, April and me

Mines Girls unite! Tanya, Suzie, Drea, Me and Sarah

Me, Tanya and Suzie

The one good photo of Drea and I... we tried and tried, but kept failing!

I *let* Jamie do a little photo shoot with me yesterday, so here are my 23 week belly pictures, Jamie style ;) (yes, I'm even including a nekkid one... be nice ;))

I also think we might have found our baby bedding this weekend... Steph found it at her Target and called me to tell me, but ours didn't have it :( But my mom's did and she bought it for me and I'll get to see it this weekend. I think Steph did a great job, I guess all those hours of sending her every bedding I ever looked at paid off :) I think it's going to look great with our dark crib, and you can't beat the price!


Steph and Tim said...

Oh my goodness, all those adorable bellies make me miss mine, oh wait, I still have a belly, but there isn't a baby in it anymore ;)

Good job on the belly pics Jamie! I especially love the nekkid one (Tim says that figures)

And I do love the bedding! When I saw it I knew it would be perfect. So glad your search has ended, although I did love sifting through all the choices!

The Maiden Metallurgist said...

Hot pregnant mama!

I had a great time at the party this weekend!

Tanya said...

The pictures are great! Good work Jamie.

It was fun to meet some of your friends. They were so nice! I'm glad that you had a fun time...and rest assured that you felt better than I did on Sunday. Stupid headache. :)


Ondrea said...

Beautiful belly shots - I'm so glad you let J take them!!

Sarah said...

i love the belly pics. simply amazing.

Anonymous said...

super cute bedding--i love it!!! even better than my old fav. land of nods--womb with a view. you girls are looking so good! hot hot momma!

Suzie & Mike said...

To be perfectly honest, I think this bedding is cuter than the original Gap one you were lusting after. Seriously! Nice work Steph! And the new baby belly pics look awesome, see it does pay to have a professional photographer around.

Suzie & Mike said...

Oh, and I had a super fun time at the party too, it was nice meeting the friends I hear about!

Brooke & Brian said...

Okay so in all seriousness... those photos are amazing! I love them all. Gosh... I want to be PG!!!! Oh sh*t I need to finish school first... :(

Tamah said...

Great work.