Friday, May 15, 2009

Cutting out early!

Today Jamie came home early to relieve me from my duties here at "work" :) This afternoon I'm taking off with a girlfriend to shop and get a pedicure and eat a relaxing dinner and go dancing!! I'm not sure words can express how excited I am! I get to shop without Emma. I get to try on clothes and go to as many stores as I want and not worry about how long it's taking or if someone needs dinner or a nap. I can sit down and have someone rub my feet! I can eat dinner and it can take as long as I want and I'm not going to have to pick food off the floor or trying to shove food down someone's throat. I get to be out in public after 8pm :)
Believe me, we deserve this and I'm am so excited to live it up!


Matthew & April said...

GOOD FOR YOU!!! You DO deserve it :)!

Trish said...




Ondrea said...

yay!! have a great time! can't wait to hear all about it!