Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Have you ever woken up one morning and realized you've become your parents? When I was little I used to despise my parents' eating choices. I longed for cereal that had tons of sugar in it, came in bright colors and maybe contained some marshmallows too. I wanted PB&J on white bread, not that crap from Great Harvest Bread company that tasted like cardboard. Mac n Cheese that was bright orange and came in a blue box, instead of some all natural brand. When I finally moved out and had a kitchen of my very own, one of my first shopping trips produced hamburger helper and kool-aid. Over time I slowly came to realize the merit of my parents' ways and started making little changes.
This weekend I called my mom to tell her that I might have surpassed her as hippie mother of the year because I made my child chicken nuggets. Yep, in an age where you can buy chicken nuggets at any store (including the gluten-free, organic variety at whole foods), I made chicken nuggets from scratch. One, I can make them extra fatty (though I still couldn't bring myself to fry them) and two, I know exactly what is in them.
I haven't turned into my mom or dad, I've turned into my parents. Now excuse me, I need a bowl of granola :)

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Jeff and Kerry said...

MMMMMMMMM, those nuggets sound GOOD. I'll bet Wes would love them!