Sunday, May 3, 2009

The best day

Today marked the one year anniversary of having Emma home with us! It seems like just yesterday that we were carrying that tiny little bundle out of the hospital, what a day it was! Unlike her birthday it wasn't a bittersweet day, just a day filled with pure joy :) That's not to say that we weren't terrified, because we definitely were! I remember walking out and I kept thinking that someone was going to stop us. Around every corner I thought someone was going to pop out and tell us that they were just kidding and that she didn't get to come home with us. Luckily they let us. I was looking back at photos from that week and it's so hard to believe how tiny she was then, even though she seemed so huge to us. I still remember that first bath at home and getting up in the middle of the night to change her diaper. I definitely don't miss the lack of sleep, but I do miss the cuddly little peanut who would just melt into your body. Little Miss doesn't do much cuddling these days :(
We are so blessed and thankful to be celebrating today!

then and now

what we came home to (I do not miss the carriage house!)

so cute!

my loves

Emma's first bath at home
Ice cream!!

Even though I'm not smiling, I swear I liked it!

happy family

Daddy and Emma were home alone yesterday, you know what that means!


ThinkLoveSleepEat said...

What a wonderful anniversary for a super special day!

Mary said...

OMG! I LOVED looking at the pictures from a year ago! She has always been such a beautiful baby - and she's come such a long way!

Anonymous said...

what a great day indeed! congrats and happy anniversary! kiss that cute baby for me, will ya?

Ondrea said...

yay!!! what a happy day!!! :)

ania said...

What a special anniversary!

LOL at the Nutella picture. Where does she get her love of Nutella from?