Sunday, February 15, 2009

27 days

In 27 days my baby will be ONE. ONE! That probably means she isn't a baby any more, right? I can hardly believe it and it kind of breaks my heart that she's growing up so quickly :(
Last Friday she was 13lb 11oz, she can't seem to break that 14lb barrier. She's still having a really hard time gaining weight, the nutritionist was pleased with what we were feeding her, but wants her to eat more, which is a laugh! Emma eats what she wants and when she's done there is no slipping any more food in. As of this week she is

  • clapping, both spontaneously and on command (like along with pat-a-cake)

  • crawling, mostly what we call the wounded soldier (she doesn't use her left arm a lot) but she's working on actually getting on all 4s and moving. Regardless, she moves and we have to watch her a lot closer

  • cruising, it's her favorite activity and she thinks she's a lot closer to walking than she actually is. She loves to let go of things and try taking a step, but she lands on her head most of the time. She loves to hold our hands and walk, unfortunately she's so short that it kills my back.

  • bending over. She can hold onto something and bend down to pick something up. We're still working on her learning how to sit down from standing, she doesn't really think it's a necessary skill and screams each time I try to work on it with her.

  • says "dada" on purpose and toward Jamie. She also says "hi" and what sounds like "all done" (after I say it toward her at the end of a meal).

  • laughs ALL the time. Her latest thing is to just laugh all day long, especially if we laugh, she starts up, it's really cute.

  • finally getting a tooth. I feel like she's been teething for months, but there is finally a little bud starting to show on her bottom gum. Who knows how long until the tooth breaks through, but she's getting there.

  • she dances if you ask her to and sometimes when music comes on. It's really cute!!

  • although she doesn't eat a ton, she loves everything we give her. Her current favorites are blueberries, beef stew, black beans (it's really cute to see her pop them in her mouth), chicken enchiladas, french toast, pancakes and mac n cheese :)

having fun at the dr's office

please don't bother me, I'm working

she has a spot of hair that refuses to lie flat, so...

she gets a mohawk most of the time

Wills came over the other day and they actually played together

though a large part of the afternoon consisted of them *fighting* over my lap :)

Emma "playing" with my purse :(


Cathy said...

I can't believe how big she's getting! She may be small, but her 13 lbs pack a big punch! Clearly nobody told her about her "adjusted" age because she seems to be pretty mobile...she says more at 11 months than Owen did at 18!

Trish said...

What an active girl!! Happy almost b-day!

The Maiden Metallurgist said...

Almost one! Time sure flies! I can't wait to see her soon!

Ondrea said...

so cute! wow - hard to believe she's almost 1!

Chrissy said...

There is no way she is almost one!

Jeff and Kerry said...

I guess since I didn't get to see her today that these pictures will have to do - thanks!!!

PPFBunny said...

WOW! (almost) one already????
Love the purse inspection :)

Anonymous said...

WOW--almost one! they grow up so fast. Wish i could pick her up and give her some kisses. can you do that for me today?

Noell said...

I can't believe little Emma is almost one!! Hey, in my opinion she's still your little baby and always will be! (great, I'm tearing up)

Suzie said...

Wow is right, hard to believe little Emma is going to be celebrating her first birthday so soon. Can't wait to see you tonight, hopefully I get to see little Emma again soon. Give her a kiss for me too!