Friday, January 30, 2009

25 Things

Okay, I have been *tagged* by just about everyone I know in the blogging world and on facebook to make a list of 25 things about me. Rest assured I will NOT be tagging anyone else, I'm just fulfilling my duty and moving on :) I'm also sicker than a dog and don't have the energy to post something witty.

1. I have a very unhealthy obsession with popping things. I can think of no better way to pass my time than to pop zits.

2. I've only taken one drag of a cigarette in my entire life. That one drag was enough to turn me off for the rest of my life, I thought it tasted like burnt toast and never understood how people enjoyed them.

3. Being a mom is the only job I've ever wanted. I was a good engineer, but I didn't love my job. I love my mom and I'm really good at it (if I do say so myself).

4. I love to cook for people. To me cooking just to cook is boring, I love to cook to impress people.

5. People whom I have met recently don't believe me when I say that I'm an introvert and extremely shy. I've done a better job of hiding it in recent years, but rest assured, I am very shy and if we're having a conversation you can believe that in my head I'm scrambling to find something to say.

6. My husband is an AMAZING photographer and keeps trying to teach me things, but I have no desire to learn. Why do I need to know how to take good pictures when I have him?

7. I love to read. I could read ALL day long in a perfect world, but being a mother kind of cuts into my reading time.

8. I love movies and tv shows about high school, which is weird because I didn't like high school.

9. I also love movies about dancing and cheerleading. Most of them also fall under #8.

10. My husband will not read The Count of Monte Cristo, even though it's one of the best books ever written, because it's "too long and the type is too small". It annoys me.

11. In my opinion THE best book ever written is The Power of One, I have read it many times and I plan to read it many more (Jamie has read that and loved it).

12. The older I get, the more I become like my parents. I used to HATE the food that my parents made us eat, but I now find myself making the same choices they did and will *force* them on Emma.

13. I could also say that they (my parents) were ahead of their time with so many things. Either that or we're all turning into crunchy hippies :)

14. I have made a lot of my friends on the internet and I'm not ashamed :)

15. I hate blow drying my hair, unfortunately I have the kind of hair that has to be blown dry. If I was really rich I would hire someone to do my hair for me every day.

16. I always wanted to be a ballerina. Anyone who has ever seen me dance knows how funny that is.

17. I also wanted to be a cheerleader, again, hilarious.

18. Because of #16, Emma will be taking ballet lessons.

19. I LOVE my family. They are seriously the funnest people ever. I have no problem hanging out with them all the time.

20. One of the best parts of being a mom was making my parents grandparents. I never knew that I could love watching someone else love my child so much.

21. I can't get enough of how much Jamie and Emma love each other. Her face just lights up when she sees him and his face just glows with joy.

22. I like to clean earwax out of Emma's ears and boogers out of her nose. I know, it's horrible and one day she's going to hate me for it.

23. I am a total nerd. I LOVE to do math. Once a bunch of friends found my MENSA workbooks and still make fun of me about it (yes my IQ is high enough, but no I'm not a member).

24. I am really competitive. I hate to lose and I'm not a very good loser.

25. Hands down best thing in the world? Emma. I love being a mother so much. I know that people tell you that you won't understand until you're a mom and it's so true. I could never have imagined how much I would love her, she is truly the best thing that has ever happened to me :)


Jeff and Kerry said...

We should totally get together and watch Bring It On's one of my all time favorites!!!!

Martha Compton said...

I'm guilty of tagging you :)

I love reading these...even though I'm kinda grossed out by #1