Thursday, February 7, 2008

When it rains it pours...

So we sold our townhouse :) Yay, right? Yes, we are super excited, but holy heck is this stressful! Now we not only have to find a place to live, but Jamie has to find it WITHOUT me. I love not having control over that issue ;) He's out looking right now so hopefully he'll find something good.
I had another ultrasound today and my abruption isn't getting worse, though that doesn't always mean anything because it doesn't usually tear a little at a time, it just abrupts and you have to deal with it. But the baby looks good and my bleeding has definitely slowed so they are happy so far. They took a couple 3-D pictures and I've included them below.

This is a picture of the baby's leg, in kind of a squatting position

Here is the baby's face, and you can see the torso (ribs) and a knee
The hospital is good... the nurses are so nice and I am very well taken care of. My friends and family have been absolutely amazing with their support and prayers and food... we are SO grateful :) I moved rooms and am now in a bigger, long-term, room. It's pretty nice and has a big fold out bed for Jamie :)

Jamie's bed, my rocker and my view

my tv and decorations

the front door


The Maiden Metallurgist said...

Congrats on selling the house. Whew, that was a long time coming. The new digs look more homey than the old ones. And wow baby looks like a baby, not a jelly bean! Amazing stuff.

Anonymous said...

yay on selling the house. i'm sure jamie will do a great job, he has good taste--he did pick you after all :)
i'm glad baby is doing well and i love your new room. take care--loves, Lisa

Laura S said...

Congratulations on selling the townhouse. Now you will get a nursery!!! I am glad that you are happy with the staff at Rose. That is so important. I am looking forward to seeing you on Monday!

The Yancey Family said...

Sweet, you have wallpaper now too. I feel much better knowing you have nice decor to keep you company.