Friday, February 22, 2008

Baby Update :)

I had a growth ultrasound yesterday and the awesome news is that the baby is growing on track!! That is huge because it means that my placenta is providing the baby with enough nutrients to develop and as long as that keeps happening we're a little less worried about my abruption (unless I totally abrupt, but that is a different story). I also only have 10 days to go until I hit 28 weeks, which is a huge milestone for the baby and the goal I set for myself :)
Other than that I'm just kind of hanging in here and taking it day by day. I've come to terms with the idea that I probably won't leave the hospital until I deliver and we hope that is quite a while down the road. But as I keep telling myself; I would much rather have to lay in this hospital bed for months than have a baby in the NICU :)
Jamie and I have started the process with the design center to choose the finishes for our house. It should be interesting how this all goes ;)

picture from the ultrasound... the baby is laying on it's back with his/her head turned toward us


Ania said...

Good morning baby Schwab! You can already tell he is going to be a cutie!

I'm glad to hear that everything is going well. I hope you stay in the hospital for a long time too!

The Maiden Metallurgist said...

Man ultrasound pictures creep me out. I hope that's not a totally offensive thing to say. It's just so weird how they actually look like miniature people. I'm taking an NDE class and every time we talk about ultrasonic evaluation I think about you and baby Schwab.

Anonymous said...

such a cute cute baby!!! i hope your stay is nice, long and somehow filled with great daytime tv and good books.

Steph and Tim said...

Aww, the baby is adorable, in that skeletal sort of way! At least he doesn't look like Shrek (as my husband thought our baby did!).

Had so much fun at your shower and I was just thrilled I got to see you and that cute lil belly! Lve ya and miss you already!