Monday, November 5, 2007

The stagers paid us a visit!

So in preparation for our house going on the market (this weekend), we had two stagers come over today and "move things around". I wasn't really sure what to expect, but told them to do whatever they thought necessary and I have to say the house looks great!! I am so excited about the changes they made and I'm hoping it translates into selling quickly :)

Before and After Pics :) (I tried to post them side by side but I couldn't get it to work, sorry!)

Living Room/Dining Room Before and After

Living Room Before and After

*Xbox* Room Before and After

After shots of Master Bedroom and Guest Bedroom

I wouldn't say that all the changes are convenient if we were planning on living like this forever, but I really, really like the way it looks and I think the house will show very well!


Steph and Tim said...

Pretty! I love what they did with the Xbox room :)

Anonymous said...

i looks great!!!

Ondrea said...

the house looks great! I don't "get" moving the shelves and painting - but hey - that's what they're paid for! Good luck!