Sunday, June 26, 2011


How uncomfortable I feel is still difficult for me to talk about "out loud." I obviously brought this on myself and am very happy to be pregnant, especially this pregnant, that I do feel bad complaining when I know that the flip side is that I'm not pregnant right now. But I'm pretty uncomfortable.
I'd been told many times that the last 6 weeks suck and then the last 3 weeks suck even more, and I am definitely starting to feel it (6 weeks left tomorrow!!). It's HOT here. Tonight at 7pm it was still 90* and that is just too hot. This morning we hit the farmers' market at 9am to "beat the heat", and by 9:45 I was wiped. And I know it's just going to get worse. My body hurts in places that I didn't really know existed. Baby girl has decided that she loves to shove her hand in the crease between my leg and stomach, even though there isn't really room for it there and when I'm sitting that hurts. Her movements are definitely different now, it's so weird to watch her move around in there, because we can see a lot of it. My stomach is off to the side, almost under my arm and when it growls, that is really weird. Also it can only hold about an english muffin before I'm too full and food starts to come back up. My back is killing me, my feet are swelling and did I mention how hot it is?
Don't get me wrong, I am very VERY glad to still be pregnant and I will take whatever discomfort is thrown my way because I know what the alternative is, but I guess I didn't really expect to feel this way. I don't think I ever truly believed that I would still be pregnant at this point and when people talked to me about how uncomfortable things were at the end I blew them off because they were "lucky" to still be pregnant and I didn't want to hear them complain. And now it's my turn to b!tch about the end and it feels pretty good :)

And a small video of Emma telling the baby a story :)

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Ania said...

Cute video!!

I can imagine that being this close to the end isn't very comfortable - but your belly is still so cute!

Try to stay cool these next few days - I recommend lots of trips to get fro yo and iced drinks :)