Monday, June 13, 2011

32 weeks!!

Less than 2 months to go! For some reason 32 weeks seems very pregnant to me. I’m not sure if it’s because it was our next milestone with Emma, that obviously never was met, or if there is another reason, but 32 weeks is the real deal!
I’m feeling pretty good, sleep has become an issue because my hip and shoulder start hurting after laying on them for about 30 seconds, but there isn’t really another way to lay so I guess the pain will stick around for a while. Baby girl is definitely calmer than Emma so far, which is kind of nice and I hope continues, she moves but nothing like Emma did. Jamie and I were able to feel her heartbeat through my skin the other night which was so weird and awesome and she has the hiccups pretty frequently these days (Emma did too around that age). My appointment and ultrasound isn’t until Thursday this week, so hopefully I’ll have pictures of her to share then.
And since I haven’t shared an Emma story in a while -
Last night at the dinner table I was showing Jamie where I thought various parts of the baby were positioned. Emma asked some questions about it and so I was telling her a story about how she used to push her butt up against my belly button and wiggle it around. Then she proceeds to tell me that she used to cry in my belly because she didn't like it in there and wanted out so the reason she was wiggling her butt around was because she was trying to push her way out of my stomach so she could be free.
Jamie and I were SHOCKED! While we are very honest with her about her rocky start, we've never really made mention of her coming early (we mainly just discuss the NICU like it's a normal thing all kids need at this point) and I've never told her that mommy's body wasn't a good place for her so she had no choice but to come early (I firmly believe she realized my body was failing her and "kicked" her way out before she was in distress).
It was just so crazy to hear her verbalize things that I've thought but have never discussed with her.


Katie (Mama May I) said...

Wow! Kids can say some really funny things but every so often they say something that really hits deep.
Congatulations for hitting another milestone. 32 weeks *is* very pregnant! :)

Jeff and Kerry said...

You look gorgeous! And pregnant! And whoa if that Emma story isn't totally bizarre. Just whoa.

Suzie said...

Looking good Ivs! I'm floored by Emma's comment, wow.

Ania said...

You look fabulous!!

I am schocked my Emma's comment - I would have been totally caught off guard with that one!

Anonymous said...

Amazing what kids say... I keep thinking about you and how happy I am that you're still pregnant! Yay for big round babies and bellies!