Monday, April 25, 2011

Still Standing!

I made it to my very first 24w appt today - something I never accomplished with Emma. It's so crazy to think at this point I had already been in the hospital over a week with her.
My ultrasound was good, I had actually just had one 6 days ago, so there wasn't a lot to find out. Baby look good (and is definitely a girl!), she's measuring a little small but still within normal tolerances, cervix is looking great and my placenta is a little low, but again not hugely concerning. Basically they'll just keep watching me. I've officially gained more than I did while pregnant with Emma, which stings a little, but I'll just worry about that later. I haven't gained a ton, I'm right on track, it's probably due to the fact that I lost all my muscle on bed rest with Emma. So I'm holding steady :)

Easter was crazy - I've never seen Emma that high on sugar before. She was wonderfully behaved and charming at the egg hunt we went to, she just had SO much energy. It's actually not surprising that she doesn't gain weight, she is such a busy body. It wouldn't be terrible if her baby sister was just a tad more chill than she was


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