Friday, February 4, 2011


• Daddy has sparkles on his face. (referring to his stubble)

• I love you, but I don't. I do love your hair.

• The other day we were flipping through the channels and came across a basketball game and Emma told me that was for daddy to watch. We kept flipping and came across an exercise infomercial with a shirtless man and she said "mommy, you need to watch that!" If you insist my dear :)

• her thumb is really chapped from the weather and all the sucking, and she was telling me that it hurt. So I suggested that maybe she try to suck it less. She looked at me and said "nah, I'll just suck the other one" and stuck it in her mouth.

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ThinkLoveSleepEat said...

My child prefers both thumbs equally, so both are equally red and chapped. I rub Lansinoh on them every night before bed and they usually look better in the morning!

Ondrea said...

Ethan says the same thing to me about my "sparkly" legs.. :)