Thursday, April 29, 2010


An update for those that are curious (warning this is pretty graphic, so you might not want to read it if you’re say my brother).
The surgery went pretty well. I kind of lost it emotionally when I was getting my IV. All I could think about was being admitted to the hospital when I was pregnant with Emma and getting an IV and how horrible that day was. They also put leg cuffs on and I was in a hospital gown, so it definitely felt like bed rest, which wasn’t a happy feeling. The doctors were wonderful and so supportive through the whole thing. The IV sedation was AWESOME. The anesthesiologist told me it was going to sting and I remember it stinging for about 2 second and then I woke up and it was all over. It ended up being “just” a fibroid, which is a really good thing. However I’m a little concerned since it was in the exact same place as my last fibroid that attached to my placenta, but I’ll find out more about that next week at my appt.
Unfortunately when I was in recovery the nurse pulled my catheter thinking I didn’t need it and it turned out it was attached to a balloon in my uterus to keep it from scarring. So I had to go back into surgery and be put under again so that they could re-insert it. So we were there much longer than we thought and I now have a very large attachment hanging down the inside of my leg, which is really uncomfortable.
But, I am so glad that it’s over and it went okay (and I woke up)!! Thank you for all your good thoughts, I really appreciate them.

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Cathy said...

just came here to see if you had info on your surgery since I just saw your Facebook update. Glad things are looking good! Sending you "anti-fibriod" dust (what would THAT look like?)

Tanya said...


Julie and Aaron said...

Lots of love Ivs. So glad it went well. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Glad you are home and recovering. Let me know when you are back at work and if I can do anything to help you out there. - Kathryn