Sunday, March 14, 2010




Dearest Emma,
Today you turned two, or as you like to say "sue". You are beyond amazing. You are smart and funny and beautiful. You LOVE animals, the colors blue and pink, reading books, blankets and lovies, and giving hugs and kisses. You're speech is taking off and you'll repeat almost any word that we say. You now say "I love you" without prompting and it makes my heart burst with joy. You're favorite thing to do is talk on the phone and have stopped letting me talk because you want to do it. You love to run, climb, slide, ride your bike and be outside. You love "pretties", having your toes painted, purses and shoes. You're a girly girl and a tomboy at the same time.
You bring so much joy to everyone who knows you and it's unbelievable how far you have come. It's amazing that 2 years ago you weighed 2lbs 12oz and now you're (finally!!) over 20lbs! You are one of the happiest children I know and it's evident how much you love life. You are the most wonderful child that I could ever imagine and I am so blessed that you are mine. I love you more than works can say!


Dawn said...

She's so cute! Happy birthday Emma. And congrats on hitting 20lbs!

Rhonda said...

Happy Birthday, Emma!!

ania said...

Happy Birthday Emma! You are adorable.

Tanya said...

Lots and lots of love!