Friday, October 16, 2009

Soaking it up

Today is my "official" last day as a stay at home mom. On Monday I return to the working world and Emma will spend her first day at daycare. I have so many mixed emotions about this.
I am excited about working again and the possibilities that I will be presented. And as shallow as it sounds, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited about the money... MONEY!!! It will be nice to have a little more cushion if something were to happen :)
I am excited about Emma getting to play with 9 kids who are her age and can teach her things that I can't. I know she's going to love it!
I'll say that the excited part is definitely the minority though.
I am really sad. Sad that I won't get to spend all day with my darling girl. Sad that I won't be the one to comfort her if she's scared or hurt. Sad that she's not really going to know what happened.
I'm also scared. Scared that I won't cut it in the working world... it's been so long since I've used my brain in that capacity. I'm scared of the germs that daycare holds... everyone in Emma's class has a snotty nose and it freaks me out. Scared that the other kids won't like Emma and they will pick on her. Scared that because she doesn't really speak that the teacher won't know what she needs. Scared that she'll miss me and have issues with the separation and turn into a mean, angry child instead of my dear sweet Emma :(

Sad that I won't be able to see this in the middle of the day...


Matthew & April said...

You have done a wonderful job raising a social, independent little girl. She will thrive in "school". I'm not going to lie and tell you it will be easy, but all your fears are valid, H has been in daycare for a little over a year now and I still have days where I'm sad and scared. Just take 1 day at a time, you'll both make it through :).

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ania said...

Good luck! I'm sure it will be hard - but E will love playing with the other kids. You will both be fine! HUGS!

Michelle said...

You are one step ahead of me. The dread is creeping for "The Day" that I drop them off for the entire day and know that this will be our new normal. I am anxious to hear how this transition goes for you. My thoughts are with you!