Wednesday, September 2, 2009


3 days after we got home from OH, Emma and I were back at it again... this time headed to Chicago for my brother and Sam's engagement party. We had a ton of fun meeting all of Sam's family and their friends, though it was a pretty hard trip for Emma. The little girl does NOT like to sit still and so I spent the entire engagement party chasing her around because she just wants to run. I feel like I never really completed a conversation because I kept having to run after her. But as long as she was given room to run she was a total sport about being kept up late, so I shouldn't complain. Next time I might just leave her at home so I can fully enjoy one of my favorite cities!
travelling through the airport in style
One of the best pics ever of my dad and I
Paul nailed this pose, Emma not so much
We played at Millenium Park one day and had a bit of a hula hoop contest

Dad won, he was really good!

Em got to play in the fountains and loved them!

Me and Paul at the engagement party
Emma perfecting the cheek kiss

Emma was OBSESSED with the dog bed at Sam's parents' house, luckily the dogs shared well ;)

taking a nap (in all seriousness I did try to see if she would sleep in it because she was in need of a nap)

Paul and Sam and their new Snuggies!!


Anonymous said...

great pictures! i love the one of you and your dad. Welcome to the world of a child as opposed to a baby--you chase a lot! congrats to your brother. wyatt will be so jealous about the snuggies--he's dying for one!

Anonymous said...

I love Chicago - and Nollie loved those fountains too last year.

And can I just say that it makes me love Emma even more that she loves dogs? Girl after my own heart.