Sunday, July 12, 2009


After going through my photos it seems that my Dad and Jamie have a lot of the photos and they haven't sent them to me yet (hint, hint). But I thought I'd share what I do have :)
We had a great trip! Emma slept the entire way there and was easily entertained on the way back (thanks to the 5 year old boy sitting next to us, who asked within 5 minutes of sitting down "how hard was it to get that baby out of you?", you should have seen the look on his mom's face!). Our entire extended family (minus one uncle) was back for my cousin Tracy's wedding and it was so much fun to see everyone! Emma had a great time with everyone and I had some much needed help :) With everyone around talking all the time, Emma's speech has exploded! She has SO many new words... shoes, cat, meow, Grandpa, more, milk, that, this, look, horse, neigh, keys... in addition to the ones she's had for a while (mom, dad, dog, woof, all done). It was so awesome to watch her little brain grow so quickly! Today she picked up her horse book and said "horse. neigh, neigh". Jamie and I about crapped our pants!!
Tracy and Andy's wedding was beautiful and so much fun. We definitely danced our pants off!

taking a walk with Grandpa

snuggling with Gram (doesn't she look huge?)

blowing bubbles with Gram

sleeping beauty

Can I get anyone a beer?

Look Dad, a horse!


group hug


Tanya said...

that one of E hugging jamie's cute. Nice job catching that! Sorry that we missed you guys this weekend. Stupid doorbell. It really is broken, we took it down yesterday to "figure out what's wrong with it." Which means that we'll most likely never have a doorbell again.

The Maiden Metallurgist said...

She's getting so big and she's so cute when she's snuggling with Gran. Super Lovey.

Mary said...

These are some great photos! I love the one of she and Jamie and the group hug one - priceless!!!

Rhonda said...

I love how proud of herself she looks in the one with the beer bucket! Too cute!

Jeff and Kerry said...

Oh man, those are some cute ass pictures! I cannot believe how big E is getting!!!