Monday, June 1, 2009

My little pony

This weekend we went to a miniature horse farm and some of the horses had just had babies and they were so freaking cute! Mini, mini horses!!

I'm pretty sure Emma thought they were dogs, but she liked them ;)

Family photo

Trying to get a quick photo on a horse without getting caught (we didn't know if we were allowed to put the kids on them and we were scared to ask. we did know the horses can handle up to 45lbs)
Success!! Emma is so thrilled she stuck her thumb in her mouth :)

Aren't they so cute?!?

Emma helping me with the diapers (yeah, they are already clean she just likes to put things in the washer)

THE POOL IS OPEN!!! Of course it's raining this week, but we're excited all the same!

They really are enjoying themselves :)

The kids are learning to kiss each other, it's really cute :)

Emma got a new bike, fun!


Sara B said...

How cool! We used to drive from NY to MD several times a year to visit my grandparents and I always begged my parents to stop at a miniature horse farm we passed everytime (they never did). Unfortunately now it's closed:(

How cool Emma got to see them!

Ondrea said...

AW!! The bike, the pool, the ponies!!! what a great start to summer for Emma! (and you!)

Suzie said...

I want a mini pony! And more pool time too. At least I can remedy the latter. Have fun in Chicago, say hi to Drea for me.

Jeff and Kerry said...

Ummmm, Max and Wes wanted to tell you to tell Emma to stop kissing other boys. Their feelings are getting hurt. =(