Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bad blogger

Holy cow, having a toddler keeps me SO busy! Emma is such a busy body, she NEVER stops moving (which could be why she doesn't gain weight). All day long she's taking things out of cabinets and then moving on to her next project. I am so beat by the end of the day, maybe I'll stop gaining weight too!
I have weeks worth of photos to share finally :)

Trying to get a good photo of William and Emma.
This was the best one, not so hot.

Handsome Wills

Emma pushing her dolly in her stroller

chowing on a piece of asparagus

One of Emma's new favorite games is to find the nipples in the cabinet and suck on them. But she doesn't take a pacifier... weird kid.

We just got back from a trip to Monterey, CA. I had never been before and it was gorgeous!! It didn't hurt that it was artichoke season and you could buy them out of taco trucks on the side of the road. Any place that sells steamed artichokes to go is okay by me (oh, they have Trader Joe's there too, everyone knows how I feel about that store) ;) Emma did pretty well on the plane, she definitely doesn't like to sit still for that long and our plane was 3 hours delayed on the way there (AFTER we got on the plane), so that was rough, but we made it. The weather was nice and Emma was able to dip her toes in the ocean for the first time.
Our hotel room didn't have a bathtub so Emma was forced to take a shower. It made for cute photos!

Emma LOVED looking out the window on the plane

This is fun!

We went to the aquarium and the Otters were Emma's favorite

Emma and Mommy

The beach!

mmmm, fresh strawberries!! (which were amazing)

fish and chips!

Family photo


Emma's first dip in the ocean, she did NOT like it (it was freezing cold) :(


The Maiden Metallurgist said...

I love it!

Anonymous said...

great pictures! i'm glad you guys had a good time.
I hear the gulf of mexico is much much warmer for Emma, and there is a great little place to stay not too too far from the beach--The James Place. come anytime, were open all season! no fresh artichokes, but plenty of fruit and fresh seafood out of the back of trucks...

ania said...

Looks like a fun family vacation!!

Mary said...

Great pictures! I LOVE the one with the silouhette of the three of you on the beach - so beautiful!

Suzie said...

What fabulous pictures, looks like a great time! I've been having serious beach cravings lately. I think I'll take Lisa up on her offer. See you tomorrow

Anonymous said...

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