Monday, December 22, 2008


Or as my favorite pin in elementary school said :

(yes, I've been a nerd that long)

Last weekend we went to Vail. I promise I had fun, even though it doesn't look like it here

Yeah, that's right, no shoes

Wills and I had our first sled ride

it was fun!!!

I think we're ready to go back inside now

I've been helping with the wrapping

Mommy went shopping yesterday and when she got home she found Daddy letting me play with plastic bags

and some pictures on her camera documenting our afternoon!

I don't really fit in here, but it's fun!

Grandpa and Grandma came to visit and I practiced my drums on Grandpa's head!

I tried on Wills' bow tie and it fit around my head

And I got to meet this cool guy named Santa, he says he's going to bring me presents if I'm good. I'm always good!

Don't Wills and I look so cute? We clean up pretty nice

Oh, I want to pull your beard!!

Merry Christmas everyone!!


Ondrea said...

OH how adorable!!!! Love the pictures. and a super cute dress to see Santa in.

Laura S said...

Ooh Christmas fun! You pictures always turn out so beautiful. Merry Christmas!

Ondrea said...

and the family shot of you guys outside in Vail is great!!!

The Maiden Metallurgist said...

Love the ears on her little suit! MFC!

Tanya said...

This is the best Christmas of Emma! She is always smiling. love it!

Jeff and Kerry said...

OMG, those pictures are PRICELESS!!!! She is such a cute little snowbunny!

Robbie, Martha, and Campbell Too said...

I'm jealous of the snow . . . . (Martha's husband)