Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Happy Anniversary to us!!!

Tomorrow is our 3rd anniversary... who knows where the time has gone :) In honor of that I'm going to share with you some of our favorite photos (okay, maybe I really just want to look at them again) :)

Group photo

Suzie bustling me in the limo

Emma #1 and my mom

My brother and I crying like little girls

My cousin Sarah, my brother and my cousin Eric. Yes I had an open bar, why do you ask?

Dancing with my Gramps

Not a ton to report here. We're headed to Minnesota this weekend for my Gramps' 93rd Birthday and so Emma can meet my entire extended family. She is in for a treat. Little does she know how spoiled she is about to become ;)

Dancing in the kitchen with Grandpa

Jamie FINALLY busted out the camera to take some pictures (yes sweetie, I'm calling you out :))

She is concentrating very hard right here :)
The light fixture I installed in Emma's room, I love it!
Early morning smiles
Emma cuddling with pengy and monkey
I actually left the house like this the other day, spent all day shopping and didn't notice until about 4pm :(

S'mores pie. Heaven on earth ;) The recipe is here if you'd like to make it :)


Jess and Me said...

What a sweet beautiful little baby girl! Happy anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Emma is such a cutie pie! i love the light fixture. Happy anniversary.

Molly & Patrick said...

Happy anniversary my dear!!!

Nicole said...

Happy anniversary!

Sarah G said...

Happy Anniversary! I walk through Cheeseman all the time now and I always think about you guys!! Congrats!!

The Yancey Family said...

Freak. Now I'm hungry.

Jeff and Kerry said...

Happy anniversary! And holy crap, I LOVE E's new light fixture - so cool!

Laura Saba said...

Oh, so sad. Emma looks like a baby instead of a newborn. Don't blink or she will be 1 telling you "no".

sam said...

Happy Anniversary! Time really does fly...Emma looks so old and beautiful. I wish we were coming to the family reunion to see her. I miss you guys. Feel free to stop in chicago at any point in the travels it would be such a treat! Ok. Love you all. These pictures make me smile. Oh, and I would love the smore recipe. Hook a sista up! xo

Anonymous said...

i'm missing some new emma pictures, i need to get my fix!