Monday, July 14, 2008

4 months old!!!

I know I say this every time, but where is the time going?? 1/3 of a year down, unbelievable!!!
Jamie's brother Chad and his girlfriend Heather were just here for a visit. We tried to show Heather some of beautiful CO as she had never been here before and I think we succeeded. Emma even got to take her first train ride and spent her first day away from us. My mom was nice enough to come down and watch her while the 4 grown-ups went rafting, it was so much fun!
Emma is smiling up a storm these days, it's so fun to have her react to you. I've even heard her laugh, though it hasn't become a regular thing yet. She's also found her hands and really enjoys chomping on them. She has her 4 month appt (shots) tomorrow and her next early intervention evaluation on Wednesday... hopefully both will go well :)

Emma loves the new mobile that her grandparents got her, she even yells at me when it stops and isn't happy until I start it up again

How Emma spent her birthday... lounging at the pool with friends (Meena, Wills, Emma and Mary's hot legs)

Rafting, it was so much fun!

Jamie, me, Chad and Heather at Garden of the Gods

Jamie and Emma early in the morning

Chad, Emma and Heather (you can't see it but Emma has a buckeyes onesie on)

Family portrait at the Royal Gorge

Trying to catch her smile on camera

I swear this is a smile, she isn't screaming


Tanya said...

So cute! Your little family is adorable.

Ondrea said...

oh my gosh - you did a TON with them!! and I had to look 3x to find Emma in the bed with J - to cute. Love her smile and am so jealous of your days at the pool....

Jeff & Kerry said...

I couldn't find Emma in bed, either! LOL! Cute pics, Ivory!

Anonymous said...

such a cute little baby girl!!! miss you!