Thursday, June 19, 2008

More pictures...

Before I start with this week's post my mother would like me to clarify that they did NOT wear those hats out in public, it was merely for the picture and she's very disappointed that I chose to share the picture with y'all. Whatever, I think it's adorable ;)
We had a fantastic Father's Day with Jamie and my Dad and we've been spending the rest of the week trying to get the house in order. Emma had her first Early Intervention appointment yesterday (she qualifies due to her low birth weight) and the therapists were very impressed with how well she was doing. They'll come once a month to monitor her and make sure she's on track, but they expect her to be caught up with her peers in no time (watch out Wills and Meena!!) :)

Emma's first nap in her crib :)

Emma showing off her amazing head control

Happy Father's Day Grandpa!

Happy Father's Day Daddy!

Showing you how she can dance

My parents' awesome backyard (I have to brag for them because they work SO hard on it)

Where Emma's first foods are being grown

She is so cute when she sleeps!

Our living room

View from the dining area

Office (we have a lot of work to do)

Daddy taking silly pictures, obviously Emma is overjoyed about it ;) (check out that muffin top!!)


ania said...

I love her little pink chair!

Beautiful yard Jacksons!!!

Ivory - great work on the house!! It is really coming along!

The Maiden Metallurgist said...

The house is looking great! A yard like your parents is something to strive for.

Tanya said...

I remember visiting your parents with you and thinking that I could live in that backyard - and I am NOT a camper-type person, but it was so beautiful!

Emma's dancing picture looks like she's about to take off as Supergirl. SO cute!

The Yancey Family said...

The muffin top is the highlight of the blog, I must say:)

Jeff & Kerry said...

Love her little "muffin top", LOL!!! I'm still waiting for some new pics, Iv....