Friday, December 7, 2007

Ode to Trader Joe's

Trader Joe's, oh how I love thee!!

My trip to LA was good. In N Out Burger was just as good as I was told it would be, Ikea didn't disappoint (except for the fact I can't bring most of the stuff home on the plane) and Trader Joe's was wonderful, ***sigh***. Seriously, that store is just fantastic.

So in preparation for my trip I packed my biggest suitcase. Since I was only there for 3 days/nights, there obviously wasn't a ton of stuff in it and when I check my luggage on the way out there I had 20 lbs to spare before being charged... I thought I was set. I spent about an hour at TJ and managed to find almost everything I wanted and then it ALL fit in my suitcase. I was a happy camper.

Until I went to check my bag and discovered I was 10 lbs overweight. That's right folks, I bought 30 lbs of stuff at TJ. Now in my defense, I did buy quite a few items for friends, but still. The lady checking me in was laughing quite hard at me as I tried to move some stuff around. Luckily I had picked up a bag at the gas station and it lasted through security. Then I picked up a plastic bag at a store in the airport, and it was holding, but the straps hurt my hand. So then I bought a reusable grocery bag (who knew they sold those at the airport) and all was good. Everything made it home in one piece, and I have Christmas presents galore ;)


The Maiden Metallurgist said...

Hooray for Trader Joe's!

Anonymous said...

what is this trader joe's... it sounds fabulous.

Ania said...

Yay for Trader Joe's - I love that place! Thank you for the birthday chocolates!

Molly said...

Dear Ivory,
I love being smooth again, thanks to your Trader Joe's shopping extravaganza. Thank you for saving us from hairy hell.
Molly's Legs