Monday, March 14, 2011


It's hard to believe that three years have passed since we welcomed Emma into the world. She's changed so much since she was our little 2lb 12oz peanut, but she's still the spunky little girl who came into our world 10 weeks too soon.
I wish I could truly capture with words what she is really like, but her personality is far too big for that. She's sweet, sassy, loving, wild, smart, friendly, loud, kind, stubborn, imaginative and daring. She embraces the world with open arms and jumps right in to new situations. She's both the sweetest child I've ever know and one of the most stubborn. We butt heads more often these days, but much like my brother she's quick with a coy smile and a sweet tongue to try and soften the blow ;) Every day is an adventure as she learns to demand her independence and we learn which battles are worth the fight. But most of all we love her more than words can say and we're truly blessed that she's ours.
We started the day with breakfast with Nana and Bapa, had lunch with our best friends (including "chocolatte" and pink cupcakes), a trip to the park, presents and ended the night with a visit to Chuck E Cheese's. She LOVES being three (though she's not big yet and evidently won't be for 2 more weeks - according to her) and loves celebrating. It really was the perfect day!


The Maiden Metallurgist said...

I can't believe E is three already- so awesome!

Ania said...

Happy (pi-day) birthday Emma!