Wednesday, December 16, 2009

First Haircut!!

We took Emma to get her very first (professional) haircut last night! Her hair was just scraggly and had no shape so they trimmed it up and it looks SOO much better! She actually really liked sitting in the airplane and having people tell her she looked pretty ;)

Getting ready

Not so sure


We bribed her with fruity cheerios (aka fruit loop rip-offs) to keep still

she looks so grown up

I don't like it!

Oh wait, yes I do! I look just like Mommy!!

I am adorable!


Anonymous said...

she is adorable! congrats on first haircute emma! i'm really liking your mom's do as well.

Rhonda said...

I love it! She looks absolutely adorable and so grown up.

ania said...

Both mama and daughter have adorable haircuts!

paul said...

who wouldn't like sitting in an airplane chair and having people tell you that you're beautiful?

Jeff and Kerry said...

OMG, she looks like a little lady!!!! So cute!!!

Trish said...

She's so darned cute!
The ones with the clips in her hair make her look like Cindy Lou Who